The time has come…

Hey folks,

I know that I just got back to being online, and live and such but, just not feeling the stream stuff anymore. I will still be around from time to time, and checking out all my friends who stream and support them, but I won’t be really doing much of anything outside of that.


I feel that I’m in this void where I don’t want to stream, but I want to stream, and really it’s just hard to describe and I think its best I just quit before it drives me insane or just keeps me in the unsureness.

I want to thank everyone who helped me reach affiliate because you are all the MVP of the world and the best. I’m sorry if anyone feels let down that I’m giving up streaming but who knows maybe in a few months or so I may come back who knows. Right now I’m just not feeling it so my last stream will be 10/16/2021 at 10 PM CST.


So with ending my streaming, I will still be playing some games but will be going SOLO, and just gaming for entertainment and possibly join a few friends when they need a spot filled but no promises. If you have me added on Xbox, Activision, or Apex/Splitgate and you see me on. You can msg me but I may not respond don’t take it as I’m mad at you. I’m just prob on getting some frustration off my chest.

The Website

The website will still be live, I’ll post some gaming news, and possibly will be starting up a “help people get affiliate” I may even review products and some stream content here and there. I don’t 100% know yet. I will def keep some gaming on and roll out some stuff here regarding gaming news, previews, designs, reviews and more.

Let’s get ready for the last stream and see what the future holds shall we?