• Emotes – $15​​​ Each
  • Bit Badges 10$ Each
  • Loyalty Badges ( Sub Badges)- $40 ​Set of 4
  • Steam Profile Pictures (Steam Avi’s) -20$
  • Controller Overlays – 60$
  • Orders larger than 50$ are required for a down payment of 50%
  • I do not do NSFW art
The Process

  1. I will send out 2-3 sketches of each emote needed
  2. After we discuss which you prefer or need to be redone to fit your liking we will continue and further the drawing in more details
  3. The next batch  I will send out will be the emotes in full outlines and base colors (No Shading/details) to make sure coloring is correct
  4. Again after confirming with you they are good we go to the finalization of the drawing
  5. They will be sent one last time with background provided.. Final payment will be made and will be sent out via email.
  6. In your email it will include your product you purchased in the three approved sizes (28×28,56×56,112×112) and a panel for social media that you can share.



You the Buyer agrees you are paying for the purchase of goods and there is a no refunds on payments early or down payments. You have the option to substitute to a new request to get your full product you have purchased.

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